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18 hacks to win at every slot game


The slots are a go-to, in more ways than one, for those with a gambling addiction. And while the odds might look slim at first, the 18 hacks to winning at every slot game like slot online and live rtp slot will ensure you get your winnings in four out of five games.


1) Lowering the maximum bet (or max bet) on any given spin. This is very helpful when you are playing on a machine that has lots of high-paying symbols showing up and you don’t have enough money left to pay for them all.


2) Increase the number of lines played. Slots are a great deal when you’re betting on a lot of lines. For example, if you’re playing a four-line and winning every time, double that by playing two lines more. The maths doesn’t change but the payouts will be significantly greater.

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3) Pay attention to how often certain symbols hit one another. If you’ve got several bars showing up on the reels, look for different combinations they can make with other symbols. A three-bar combination with five or six bars will bring in big money.


4) Always get the coin denomination to align properly with the bet per line. For example, you’re betting on penny slots and have a total bet of five dollars. You know you want to play five lines, so make sure each of your coins is worth $0.05. This will prevent accidentally hitting the Max Bet or “Bet One More” button before hitting the Spin button.

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5) Most online casinos have this option available, but look for the auto-play function or set it up yourself by using the Spin All button so that you don’t have to press down on each line individually if you’re playing multiple lines at once. This will help save time (and possibly repetitive stress injuries in your hand and wrist).


6) The best way to make the most money at a slot machine is to play with a small wager amount and hit it big. Some people like betting on the maximum bet, but it’s much more profitable to bet on penny slots and increase your wager over time.

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7) If you’re playing a variety of online slots and using your mobile phone, you can look up different game-related terms in databases such as WordNet (a lexical database of English) or play some other offline games that use these terms for free; iPhone users can check out App Play or Pocket Play.


8) Look for machines that offer multi-line play. If a slot game offers four or five lines, play the maximum number of lines available and you’ll be rewarded with much higher payouts.


9) For the old-schoolers who like their slots to have a 50/50 payout percentage, look for 3 reels/50 paylines games (three rows of one hundred symbols). This will ensure your 500 coin bet every spin is evenly distributed between left and right spinning reels.

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10) A great trick to getting most of your money back at the slot machine is to play with a higher coin denomination than you think you’ll use. For example, if you have a $1 maximum bet, make it $5 instead.


11) A tip that might make you think twice before playing slots is to figure out the odds of winning (payouts) on a click-to-play single-line slot. Most machines have a markup on their payouts, so look at the “percentage of wins” to see how many times this machine will pay out.


12) Follow the slot machines around, notice if they tend to come up more often than other machines and sit with them at the top of your list. When they are up and running, you can bet with one press of a button instead of holding down all five lines at once.

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13) Check for slot machine promotions when playing online or in brick-and-mortar casinos. Many offer free games, bonuses and other promotions to celebrate holidays and special events.


14) If you want to play a new machine, read the operator’s rules before you play it. Some slot operators will offer you “free spins” on a new machine by playing it with the maximum bet amount. This can pay off if a new slot is up and running with big payouts.


15) Play slots that have no house edge or that have low house edge risks. For example, a penny slot has 7 percent house edge but 8 percent possibility of winning for high-paying symbols on the reels (not including the chance of getting lucky). In other words, there is only 1 percent chance of losing in this $0.07 game.

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16) Always, always, always check the payout percentage on all slot machines and know how much you’re winning on average so that you don’t accidentally increase your max bet by a dollar or two. Also, find out if the casino offers a “buy-in” option to buy credits for one or more lines at an increased price per line. If so, do it. This is another valuable strategy for maximising your winnings when paying with cash and playing slots.


17) A great way to win more money from slots is to play a 5-reel slot with five lines where you can bet a dollar on each line. This will be much more profitable than playing with the same amount of money on one or two lines of the slot and betting on all lines.

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18) Always pay attention to how often certain combinations appear on different machines, especially new machines that have been recently added to the casino floor or website. If you see two bars often and two bars rarely, switch machines for five minutes or so and then move to another machine if you see patterns over time.



The above tips can help you play slots successfully at a casino, both online and offline. Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of slots or slot machines to choose from, so experiment with the different options offered. There are also different ways to play slots such as free-plays or used coins. You can also see which games have been recently added to the casino floor by looking for new machines in the lobby area.

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Good luck on your next slot machine adventure!

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