August 31


6 best minimalistic bridal shower invite ideas

The world is moving towards “minimalism”. And if you are a minimalist yourself – you can reflect that in your bridal shower invitation. Here are 6 Minimalistic bridal shower invite ideas.

Use signs for information

The main idea of minimalistic invites is to deliver more in less. So, you can use signs for providing the guests with the information. For example, for the venue – you can add a sign of a marquee and for the date, you can add a small calendar.

In this way, the card will look sophisticated and you will be able to deliver all the information in a cute way. There are a ton of samples available online – especially on Pinterest. Look through them and choose your favorite – and your designer will make that for you!

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Keep it short

Yes, people want to add so many things to the invite. But, no one is going to pay that much attention to the quotes, etc. And on top of that, it is going to look all messy. So, you can spare the effort and add the important things to the menu.

For example, the date, venue, and timing of the event. In this way, your invite will look very well put together and reflect a minimal vibe.

Foil bridal shower invites

foil bridal shower invites are stunning. The silver gradient look that they provide is an epitome of the word minimalistic. So, take this opportunity and get yourself a foil invitation card for your bridal shower.

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Especially if you are going for an elegant bridal shower theme. The foil will give off a royal look that will complement the whole decor of your party too. And, if you are successful in getting a decent invitation card – you can make a board out of it and place it at the entrance of the party. It will add to the decor and look super cute!

Black and gold combination

The world is running after colorful and bright invitation cards. But let’s be honest – nothing beats a decent black and gold-themed bridal shower invite. You can keep the paper black and add gold details to the card. Even if you don’t put a lot of effort into the design of the bridal shower invite – it will look great on its own.

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Therefore, it will save you money and effort both while delivering the best results. And to compliment the card – you can go for a black and gold theme too.

Pastel colors

Pastel colors are gorgeous, they can make anything look great. Especially a bridal shower invite. And if you are looking for beach bridal shower invites – pastel colors will complement these invites really well.

It is a tedious task to get the shades right but once you crack the code – you will be good to go and all this effort will be worth it.

Just the details

When you send out bridal shower invites and you invite close people. They will already know the rest of the details. So, just include the details of the vent – like the date and venue and leave everything else out.

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It will serve the purpose of the card, and also make the invite look minimal.

The bottom line

Living in a world that always wants “more” – it can be difficult for you to find things that are minimal. However, the internet adapts fast and with e-commerce – there are so many websites that will provide you with what you are looking for. So, do some research and find the perfect invite for your big day.

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