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7 Iconic 80s Hairstyles You Need to See


Getting good hair during the 80s meant using tools and products, taking extra effort and, spending additional time. In other words, one’s crowning glory didn’t come effortlessly. During the decade, hairstyle were all about going over the top, creating drama by maximizing on volume and texture, and expressing individual identity. It was the time when the hairstyle was used as a tool to make a statement. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the decade saw some of the most iconic hairstyles. Here’s our list of the top 7 iconic 1980s hairstyles

Permed Hair

The rage of the town, and the first in our list the permed hair had a category of its own.  The curls produced, as a result of using the perming chemicals, came in myriad shapes and sizes, which usually depended on the wearer’s choice. The locks that resulted from perming, were both big and voluminous. Very product dependent, the permed hair did require much care. From deep moisturizing and conditioning to repeat sessions for new hair growth and gallons of hairspray to hold the perms in place, the permed hair was certainly an expensive choice. However, for all its cons the permed hair did give the wearer’s hair big volumes and unique style. Variations of the permed hair included combining them with bangs, high ponytails etc.

The Princess Diana Cut

Speaking of iconic hairstyles, and coming in at close second in the list is the Princess Diana Cut. The three key adjectives that define her hairstyle are cropped, fluffed, and voluminous. It was a style on its own, and didn’t fit into any of the known prototypes of the 1980s hairstyle. Although the hairstyle was mildly androgynous and demure, it was feminine enough to have women across the world wanting to have similar hairstyles created for their mane. A classic style and popular since first spotted on Princess Diana herself, it not only ranks amongst the best 80s hair but also is sought after even today. It is a pity that the world lost her so soon, otherwise we would have seen some more iconic hairstyles from her. 

Accessorized Hair

We know that the 80s hair were all favoring individual expressionism, and perhaps there was no better to way to express individuality than by using hair accessories to make a statement of expression. This was the period when hair was accessories in multiple ways by using scrunchies, banana clips, headbands, and bow barrettes. The fun part about hair accessories were that there was something to suit every occasions. From headbands for styling your hair during work out or visiting the beach to using bow barrettes for the ultimate feminine look. If you were someone, who preferred just simple casual hairstyle with all the hair pulled back and away from the face, the banana clip and the scrunchies were your best friends. Available in wide range of colors and also reasonably priced, it is hardly surprising that these accessories came in very handy and were hugely popular. Thus, it is hardly surprising that even the 80s hair ponytail were often seen amped up with some of the above mentioned accessories. 

Punk Rock

This hairstyle trend traces is origin to Europe.  The child of the punk rock subculture, this one was all about being anti-establishment and breaking the norms. Often considered an unprofessional cut, the style was defined by mohawks, spikes, shaved heads and innovative use of hair color, including attention grabbing shades such as neon green, red, orange and pink. To complete the look the punk rockers were often seen dressed in torn and shaggy clothes, preferably in black, that were kept in place by safety pins etc. At its peak the punk rock hairstyle did have many takers and therefore, it makes to our list of the 7 iconic 80s hair.


The pixie was an outlier to the rules of the 80s hair. It rose in the ranks due to its versatility of being able to adapt to almost every type of hair, and face shapes. To create a pixie style cut, all one needed was a confident and bold wearer, an ace hairstylist and voila the style could be created in a jiffy. The style was defined by short sides and back, and long top.  The pixie was one of those 1980s hairstyles that came with minimal maintenance regime and was very easy to wear. The variations of the pixie included its charming marriage with the bob cut, creating a style colloquially known as the pixie bob or the bixie. During the decade, the preferred hair color for a pixie was bleach blonde. Celebrities such as Madonna, Cher, Cyndi Lauper and Annie Lennox have sported the pixie. 

Crimped Hair

This 1980s hairstyle probably was the most inquired hairstyle with many women asking for it. Versatile enough to go with straight hair, braids, pony tails etc., the crimped hair was essentially all about giving the hair both volume and texture. The zig zag appearance created by crimped hair became highly sought after and was especially appealing if one had thin or fine hair. The crimped look went with various hairstyles such the half up do, the pony tails, or could even be just left loose. So high was its popularity that even Barbie doll came with crimped hair that was atleast mid waist length long. With tools required being a crimping iron it could be created at the comfort of one’s home. All it needed was commitment of time, sometimes the entire morning. 

Blow Out

Another one of the 80s hair, the Blow Out was all about creating big volume. This hairstyle could be created on permed hair, straight hair, layered hair of any lengths. All it needed was a good wash, followed by a hair dryer. The style was used to define the face and soften the features. When it created properly, the hair, although big and voluminous, felt light and airy and bounced while walking giving the wearer a rather elegant and sophisticated look. 

Tell us which of these 7 iconic hairstyles from the 80s, do you love or would like to recreate, and why? If your favorite hairstyle hasn’t featured in our list, we would love to hear your views too. 


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