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Advertisements on Telegram

Advertising is one of the most suitable ways to expand your business because new people will get to know you and your business and may become your customers. Advertising has certain principles that must be followed to be effective. One of these principles is advertising in a suitable space with a large audience. Nowadays, many people advertise in cyberspaces because people pay more attention to these spaces. For example, Telegram is one of the most popular messengers in the world of cyberspaces, and if you advertise on this messenger, you will see good results. If you stay with us until the end of this article, you will get to know the advertising methods in Telegram.

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Why we should advertise on Telegram?

Because Telegram is one of the most popular spaces among people and is one of the main communication ways among people. For this reason, the number of visits to this messenger will be high, and the more the number of visitors, the greater the effect of advertising. But there are methods for advertising in Telegram that you should be familiar with. Next, he explained the methods of advertising on Telegram.

Advertising methods in Telegram

You can advertise on Telegram in different ways. In the following, we will introduce to you two of the most important and efficient methods of advertising on Telegram so that you can make the best and most reasonable decision.

  1. Advertising in the channel
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For advertising in this method, you can choose how long your advertising post will be on the channel and pay the fee according to the same time, or you can pay a fee based on the number of visits.

  1. Advertising in the group

In this way, you can get positive results from advertising because in Telegram you can find groups that have many members and, in this way, you can show your advertising content to many people. You can do it in two ways.

  • Create a group yourself

In this method, you have to create a group in Telegram and add your target contacts to it and then send your content to it.

  • Send your message to appropriate groups
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In this way, you should look for suitable and popular groups. It is better to find groups whose content is related to your business content. In this case, the people who are present in those groups are familiar with or interested in your business.

  1. Advertising through sending private messages to people

As you guessed, this method will be more effective than the previous method. Because people always pay more attention to messages that are sent to them privately. To advertise in people’s private chats, you must pay attention to the following points.

  • Sometimes you have to choose who will be your audience and customers. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing your target audience to whom you are going to send an advertising message. In this way, you should separate people by age and gender to choose only those who are among the target audience of your business. If you do not choose these people carefully, they may feel that you have disturbed them by sending them advertising messages and they may block and report your Telegram account.
  • After choosing your audience correctly, you should write an attractive text for the advertising message. For example, use appropriate nicknames such as (Mr., Mrs., dear friend, etc.) and try not to use difficult words and complex sentences.
  • Since Telegram cannot send bulk messages, sending messages to individual people separately will be very time-consuming and exhausting. Suppose you want to send promotional messages to 500 people during the day, if you want to do this manually, it will take you a lot of time. Therefore, to do this, we need to use a tool that will automatically do all this work for us. Stay with us to introduce a practical tool to you.
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The Right Tool for Sending Bulk Messages

Some tools can completely automatically send bulk messages on Telegram. These tools are software bots that can send your advertising message to a large number of your audience as quickly as possible. It is enough to provide the number or ID of the people and the text of the desired message to the bot so that it will send your message to all of them.

Here you should pay attention to one thing that Telegram has considered a limitation in sending messages to unknown people (people who do not have your number and have never chatted with you). However, such a limit is not considered for familiar people (people who have your number or whom you have chatted with at least once). According to this restriction, you cannot send messages to more than 50 people during the day, and this number of messages for advertising is too small and will not be effective.
So, what is the solution?
Stay with us to introduce you to the solution to these problems.

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How to Bypass the Limitation of Sending Telegram Daily Messages

To send more than 50 advertising messages on Telegram during the day, you need to use more accounts. For example, to send 500 messages, you need to use 10 Telegram accounts. That is, send 50 messages with one account, then log in to the next account to send another 50 messages. You might think that switching between accounts and sending messages to them will be time-consuming and difficult. But don’t worry, the tools that we introduced above can switch automatically between these accounts.


As we said in this article, Telegram is an appropriate atmosphere for advertising because it has many users. There are some ways to advertise on Telegram and sending private messages is the most effective method. As we said, there are limitations and difficulties in the method of sending private messages to people. In the end, we introduced you to a tool that can do all these steps for you automatically without getting involved in the limitations of Telegram.

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Thank you for being with us until the end of this article. If you want to know more about advertisements on Telegram you can refer to the Astro Akash Vani website.

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