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AI In Marketing : How Artificial Intelligence helps brands attract new audiences

Artificial intelligence is thriving everywhere – from IT to the fashion segment. Marketing was no exception. Platforms like IviBet are also harnessing AI to personalize user experiences and optimize marketing efforts.

Artificial intelligence is already used in almost every field. With the help of new technologies, criminologists recognize criminals, stylists collect current images, IT specialists write codes, and designers embody their creative ideas. Marketing is also taking advantage of technological progress. AI has already become a good tool for developing brands. And in some cases has replaced entire staff in teams.

Apple Speaks With the Voice of Machines

One of the striking examples of the use of AI is by the technology giant Apple . It launched a Digital narration service intended for authors and publishers.

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The platform added voice-overs for books to Apple Books with the help of artificial intelligence. The company’s specialists developed speech synthesis technologies, creating four voices for fiction and non-fiction. The service is intended for those authors and publishers who cannot afford professional voice-over services for books. Now AI provides high-quality voice-overs for books. And Apple Books does not take away copyrights. This opportunity has already attracted new users to the project.

Popularity In 9 Days

The Economist newspaper experienced a sharp decline in popularity in 2014-2015. So even then the company decided to use only developing artificial intelligence technologies. Using IT tools, The Economist planned to attract more than 6,000 new subscribers. Thus, the newspaper allocated 1.2 million pounds sterling to teach AI to create more personalized advertising to promote the publication.

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The result surprised many – AI algorithms helped achieve half of the planned result in just 9 days. As a result, in total, the publication attracted more than 3.6 million new users. Some of whom became regular readers of the seemingly dying newspaper The Economist. Thanks to the income the company received from attracting subscribers, its profitability was 10 times higher.

The Economist has used this tool more than once. Thus, in 2020-2021, the company, using AI algorithms, attracted 90,000 new users who became newspaper subscribers.

Mailings In the Hands of AI

Domino’s used AI differently. The world’s largest pizza chain used Phrasee’s content generator to write catchy push notifications and email headlines. In this way, the company sought to increase the loyalty of old customers and attract new ones. It simultaneously promoted the mobile application. It was necessary for it to become the main platform for ordering pizza.

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Such a tool was introduced as a test in Ireland and the UK. As a result, Phrasee managed to increase the average click-through rate by 57%, and the email open rate by 26%. All of the company’s content was optimized without a huge staff of marketers and copywriters.

Solves the AI

The West Australian newspaper used the automated Sophi system. Now the AI ​​decides which articles are profitable to show for free, and which materials should be left under the paywall.

Thus, AI analyzes each material and makes a forecast. Whether the material will increase advertising revenue and lead to new subscribers. Based on these analytics, the system suggests to editors which texts are worth publishing for a fee.

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This solution took the pressure off the paper’s staff, who no longer had to think about conversions. It increased subscriber numbers, and directed the team’s attention to content that editors would never have considered paid for.

Is Modeling a Thing of the Past? How Levi’s Replaced People with AI

In 2023, denim giant Levi’s replaced the work of dozens of models with machine solutions. Thus, in collaboration with Lalaland.ai, the company began to generate virtual models dressed in brand items.

Many were surprised that AI models of people are almost indistinguishable from real models and real photographs. However, the company has not yet talked about how this affected Levi’s costs and income.

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How AI increased Automaker sales By 14%

For several years now, Blackwood Seven, a company powered by artificial intelligence, has been responsible for promoting Volkswagen passenger cars. The agency uses a neural network that performs predictive analytics and helps decide when, where and how to launch advertising and what budget to allocate for it. AI usually uses various indicators for analysis, such as fuel prices, user interest in a particular model, and competitor indicators.

Such a tool helped boost sales of the Volkswagen !Up by 14%, and sales of some other models jumped by 20%.

Integrating IviBet

In the competitive world of online sports betting, By leveraging AI algorithms, IviBet enhances user engagement, tailors promotional offers, and improves overall customer satisfaction.

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By integrating AI into their operations, brands across various industries are not only staying competitive but also transforming how they connect with audiences in a digital-first era.








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