June 27


Buy essays or write yourself – pros and cons

To cheat or not to cheat — it’s an eternal question that bothers all students. When it comes to essays, you have to weigh all the pros and cons of implementing this task yourself or ordering it. Students buy essays as it saves their time and effort, but how does it harm your academic performance? Let’s review both aspects.

Pros of writing essays

  • An essay teaches you how to articulate your thought clearly. This is not an easy process, and it must be learned in advance. Even writers and journalists are trained in writing, and not everyone is able to do it interestingly and entertainingly. When writing an essay, it is important to be able to choose the right words to express your thought clearly and understandably. You should also be good at synonyms so that the words in the text do not repeat, and the text itself does not look primitive;
  • Essays help to consolidate the material you have learned and teach grammar;
  • Writing an essay develops analytical abilities, logical and critical thinking and teaches how to collect and sort information;
  • Essays teach students to express and prove their opinions and to persuade an audience;
  • Saving money on purchasing essays online.
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These skills are necessary for anyone to succeed in their career and prosper.

Cons of writing essays

Writing essays cannot be called the most exciting activity in the world. The main disadvantages of working on an assignment on your own can be considered:

  • the time-consuming process of searching and gathering information, writing, and editing the work;
  • the possibility of spending a lot of time and effort and still not getting a high grade;
  • the need to write on topics that do not interest you.

Pros of buying essays

​​Essay writing service companies will offer you a list of advantages that make buying their services more attractive. The most objective ones include:

  • saving time and effort;
  • no need to write on boring topics;
  • the competence of the executors of your essays;
  • a lifeline in critical situations when deadlines are burning.
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Cons of buying essays

Unfortunately, the list of risks and drawbacks of using essay writing services is longer.

  • There is no 100% protection against plagiarism;
  • Unreliable performers can disrupt essay deadlines;
  • You will not learn the topic, and it will lead to further gaps in your studies;
  • The cost of services is often quite high;
  • You will still need to check the essay afterward and ensure it meets all the requirements.

As you can see, buying an essay is more of an ambulance that can help you in a critical situation. Using such services permanently will harm your academic performance and negate the whole purpose of education. Considering the cost of college and university tuition, it would be as silly as possible to get into student loans, fail to get a proper education, and spend considerable money to buy essays. Higher education is about building your future, so don’t let your weakness control your choice of living.

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