June 21


El mejor spa en Punta Cana

Sun, beach, white sand and transparent waters… if you think that Punta Cana offers you only that (which is already more than paradise), you are falling short. There are endless activities that await you just by setting foot on its lands, from excursions for the most daring, comfort and relaxation in spas and all kinds of activities that will make your trip to this beautiful city unforgettable. Do you want to know them?

Spa en Punta Cana

One of the most beautiful elements of nature you can find in the world is the sea. Punta Cana combines it with the hand of man and turns it into a spa, so that the very feeling of the land becomes one with the most modern techniques and you can enjoy a unique, magical Spa in Punta Cana, where you will doubt whether you are in salt or fresh waters, or on land or in the sky!

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If you close your eyes, the marine environment will intoxicate you while the hands of the Ocean Spa professionals delight you with massages or you can do yoga or biopilates while watching the sunrise. Finish the day watching the sunset from a sunbed, relaxing in the sea, with the smell of incense, breathing in deeply.

Other activities in Punta Cana

But it’s not all relaxation – don’t fall asleep! With your batteries charged, get ready to do the best tours y actividades en Punta Cana. We propose a catamaran and snorkeling tour, departing from Punta Cana, but also from other locations in the Dominican Republic such as Uvero Alto, Bávaro and Cabeza de Toro.

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First, satiate your adventurous spirit exploring the Caribbean Sea with this catamaran tour, where you can also drive a speed boat at high speed, pure adrenaline!

Afterwards, it’s time for the calmest and most peaceful, but equally exciting thrill: it will be a unique opportunity to contemplate the beauty and diversity of tropical marine life that you will find just a few meters away from you, diving into the surface with your snorkel mask and practicing this activity in enviable waters, with all their cleanliness and purity at your disposal. The natural sites of the Bávaro coral reef are waiting for you.

Swimming with dolphins: an unforgettable experience

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If you think there is nothing else that can surprise you among what you can do in Punta Cana, Ocean Adventures proves us wrong. Imagine: animals, mammals, good-humored, strong, very skilled and smart. Dolphins? Let’s swim with them! And in several different ways, so you can choose the one you like the most:

The Dolphin Encounter, ideal for families with small children.
The Swim Adventure, ideal for closer interactions.
The Royal Swim, which includes swimming with two dolphins.
The Meet & Greet, to play with the dolphins without getting in the water.

You already know. Punta Cana is a paradise with all its letters. A place where you have it all: relaxation, adventure, knowledge and fun. Build your memories, pack your bags and start your trip!

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