June 17


Flaunt a stunning industrial edge in your decor with these lighting ideas

 Industrial design takes its inspiration from the factories of the 19th and 20th centuries. While considered by many to be an inexpensive theme to implement in your decor, the industrial design can actually add rustic elegance to your space with its robustness and versatility. The design has a surprisingly distinct way of exuding warmth in your space.


While industrial design style doesn’t come with a rulebook, it mostly flaunts lighting designs, furniture, home decor and other things crafted out of construction materials. Industrial design sounds quite simple to go with given the availability of the resources and their inexpensive nature, but it takes a lot of work and finesse to get an industrial-themed decor into place. You don’t really have to sweat it out to get it right as we have your back and we bring the best and the most convenient lighting advice that can give your home an effortless industrial makeover.

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  1. Start with the overhead lighting designs of your home


The best way to go about implementing a makeover to your home is to start with the statement pieces. The overhead highlights of your home are more likely to grab your attention or anybody who visits your home compared to the highlights on the ground. You can go with chandeliers, pendant lights or even ceiling lights to give an unparalleled rustic touch to your space.


  1. Layered lighting works the best when going for an industrial decor


The thing with industrial decor is that you need to emphasize the rustic characteristics of your home. And nothing does the job better than the layered lighting scheme. Layered lighting has three elements that can effortlessly highlight your industrial decor – ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. To enhance the ambience of the space you can go with any kind of lamp that fits well with your decor. Table lamps can flawlessly add warmth to your space and create these focal points in your decor that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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Floor lamps are the most efficient when it comes to accentuating the aura of your space. If you buy floor lamp for your space, you’re not only adding to the theme but also adding an exceptional functionality quotient to your home. When it comes to industrial-styled floor lamps, you’ll find much more convenient designs, especially with rustic shades and sleek and slender designs. Floor lamps with shelves are another trending variant in the design scene and it further adds to the convenience and the ease of use of the design.

  1. Complement the lighting designs with robust home decor


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There’s nothing better than home decor to give a complete look to your living space. One advantage of having industrial decor is that you don’t have to be too creative with the designs you flaunt in the space. Anything involving construction materials qualifies as a good home decor for your space.

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