May 21


How a Cleanse Can Help You Manage Chronic Bloating and Gas

Did you wake up to discover your stomach puffier than before? Are your pants uncomfortably tight? No, you didn’t pack on the pounds overnight; your tummy is letting you know something is bothering it!

Believe it or not, that swollen stomach is a sign of too much gas. Take back those abs and flat bellies, and supply yourself with comfort by using a cleanse for gas and bloating. The proper treatment effectively removes buildup and allows your gut to feel good once again.

What Is Chronic Bloating & Gas?

Okay, you know those kids who joke about gas? Well, it’s time to face the music: you’ve got it! You just don’t want to broadcast it like an elementary school student.

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Fear not; you’re not alone! It happens and is upsetting to many. According to Cleveland Clinic, between 10% to 25% of generally healthy people report occasional gas and bloating concerns.

Dining produces gas: whether it’s fruit, bread or veggies. The food enters the stomach and intestines, where gut bacteria break it down during fermentation. Gas is a byproduct of the process, mainly carbohydrates.

Sometimes too much of a good thing doesn’t feel good, and that’s when occasional bloating comes into play. Your system enters overload, unable to process what you’ve enjoyed. It’s overwhelmed and gets bigger, unable to handle the pressure buildup.

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Yeah, enjoying heavy carbs for a few days, weeks or months takes a toll on the body. The system has too many sugars to process, and your belly becomes a visual sign that your stomach is out of control.

Constipation, slow digestion and hormones also make that belly upset. Add these to poor carb digestion, and your tummy is in for a roller coaster ride.

Productive Detox Cleanse

Live your life. Eat the cookies, and enjoy happy hours with friends. But when that stomach isn’t right, take action. Reset that body with a toxic overload treatment, kicking out what’s sending your stomach into overdrive.

You got this and can fit right back into your favorite jeans. Commit to getting back on track by making some changes for a few days. Focus on diet, breaking from those fun-filled evenings of drinks and processed foods. Stick to wholesome clean meals filled with lean proteins and lots of greens.

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Drink water! Flush out your system, encouraging the liver and intestines to push through the digested food and eliminate frustrating gas bubbles.Moreover, a reverse osmosis water filter cleverly will ensure that important minerals such as magnesium, fluoride, calcium, and zinc are retained.

Your organs have an essential job: to remove toxins. Cleanse options encourage the body to move them out faster, supporting your body’s needs and deserves. Use products that work with your digestive system to effectively and quickly get you back on track.

Less is more proves true with undesirable bloating. Regular cleanses reduce the stress on the body’s system, mitigating excess gas. Combined with water, these cleanse move the toxins out using your natural systems. With fewer irritants, the digestive tract calms down.

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Wear your favorite outfit. Get out with friends, and feel great in your skin again. For occasional bloating and gas, use an Xxtra Clean Cleansing drink. Fuel your body to work efficiently.

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