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If you are thinking about buying new cryptocurrencies, you should definitely find out how a new digital currency is created in the first place and what it is: cryptocurrencies are not a currency that we can touch in the form of banknotes or coins. Crypto coins consist of a long key of letters or numbers. It is untouchable as your records of Woo Casino login.


These exist as limited entries in a database that cannot be easily changed by anyone. Accordingly, a cryptocurrency can be defined as a chain of data that, unlike conventional currencies, is not under government supervision and is difficult or impossible to manipulate. Monitoring through peer-to-peer protocols provides additional security for cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptocurrencies are created through so-called mining. This means that transaction records are calculated and found, and these must be added to the ledger of the corresponding cryptocurrency. However, before a cryptocurrency can enter the market, certain requirements must be met. Among other things, a whitepaper must be published and an ICO must be carried out.




  1. Whitepaper

Concierge Icon 10A whitepaper is a document that gives an entire overview of a project. In the case of cryptocurrencies, the problem and solution is presented in a whitepaper.

It contains a detailed description of the project, the technology and the interaction with the respective users.

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  1. ICO

Concierge Icon 20Business models based on blockchain technology are financed through so-called ICOs. ICO means Initial Coin Offering and is similar to the IPO of companies. In an ICO, young companies, developers for start-ups sell their tokens against conventional currencies. A sale against already successful cryptocurrencies can also be carried out.




IMPT is a new cryptocurrency that is currently on presale. 1 IMPT currently costs $0.018. Starting in December, the price will rise to $0.023 in the second phase of the presale. The token itself is designed to help combat climate change by providing a decentralized and transparent way to trade carbon emissions. In this way, investors will be able to reduce their own CO₂ footprint using cryptocurrency.

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Ranking 3rd among the best new cryptocurrencies is the cryptocurrency Calvaria of the eponymous GameFi game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity – a classic deck game consisting of characters drawn from the Mexican mythology surrounding the Day of the Dead. We see Calvaria as a new coin with potential because the game comes in two versions – one with tokens for GameFi fans and one completely without tokens aimed at the larger audience of gamers; this allows Calvaria to appeal to a much broader base of gamers and achieve more adoption.


Tamadoge is a new cryptocurrency that has been available for pre-sale since August 2, 2022. The TAMA token represents a new play-to-earn meme coin with great potential. After all, it is the bridge between the various applications in the Metaverse. With the integration of WEB3, you can also use your Metaverse NFTs outside the platform. Tamadoge (TAMA) could be purchased via pre-sale, which has been running since 02/08/2022. The payment in this case runs through ETH or USDT on the official website of the Tamadoge presale.





An Initial Coin Offering, as mentioned earlier, is a type of fundraising using cryptocurrencies. In an ICO, a percentage of newly issued cryptocurrency is sold to investors in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies, often Bitcoin or Binance Coin. Tokens offered in an ICO pre-sale are typically sold at a discount to the public ICO price. For example, the current presale price for the Battle Infinity ICO is 1 BNB for 166,666 IBAT tokens. This means that investors who buy tokens during the pre-sale will get a discount of about 40% on the public ICO price, assuming the prices play along in the official market later on. Pre-sales are often a chance to get your hands on projects that would otherwise be hard to come by, and offer the advantage that you can often get the tokens at a lower price.

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However, you should always carefully research and weigh whether a pre-sale is the right choice. Often the risks are higher than with an ICO and there is no guarantee that the project will ever be realized.






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