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Importance of Alone Time for Mental Health in Student Life

It is said in our ancient sculptures that a student is a Yogi who explores his student life in order to attain true knowledge. And during this time-period he will have to go through various ordeals and exams and if he went through them having learned something then his student life is successful.

We all live in society and humans are social animals, all these facts are well known to everyone therefore we all behave good and balanced in order to sustain in the society. For students their schools are their society and society is the outer world about which they have a very little knowledge depends on how much their parents let them interact with people.

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Following above stated facts we can say that no one wishes to live alone but sometimes even in student life when problems and issues make whirlpool around a student and he or she isn’t able to find a way then he or she needs to take some alone time in order to explore the options to overcome the situations and their negativity.

Just like schools these days are opting for many new innovative tools like ERP and LMS to overcome those issues which disturb the balance of teaching and learning. As ERP and LMS provide many benefits to students’ same ways alone time also helps students in various ways. Taking some alone time from daily hectic life plays an important role in maintaining a mental role. Sometimes student life gets burdened with expectations, tasks, benchmarks, goals and students get tangled among so much that he or she goes into stress and depression. Due to dealing with such mental pressure students’ needs to take some alone time to sort out the things.

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Taking some alone time provides some very essential benefits such as personal exploration, creativity and social energy. When a student enjoys his own company in alone time then he or she gets time and freedom to study by himself and read about his own passions and that too without any intervention. By this way students get a chance to think over many projects and assignments given to them and make important changes in them.

Students can also research some topics which they are interested in but they don’t get a chance to explore them. Taking some alone time means to work without hindrance, judgements and instructions of external forces. Alone time is that golden chance for the students when they can explore their creativity and see how innovative they are. In this time a student can focus on his or her thought only and can invent something being interruption free from external forces.

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It is proved by science also that being alone sometimes boosts one’s mind to do something creative which one can never be able to do in a crowd. Usually being alone is seen as negative behaviour but some of the studies have found out that being alone time a human discovers better social behaviour and gains social energy. It is so because such people focus on improving themselves instead of wasting time listening to others stories.

Whenever a student goes through some particular situation, he or she should take some alone time. Those situations can be feeling short tempered, getting irritated by sometimes very silly things, losing interest in doing anything with people and social gatherings, some getting too emotional, unable to focus and concentrate, feeling restlessness in social company etc.

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If a student is suffering from all these symptoms, then he or she can easily get some relief by having some alone time and sort out things accordingly. And here is how a student can do this, first of all pick a time from your daily schedule and let others in home. They should neither interrupt nor let anyone interrupt at that time. Kill all social media interruptions like social media apps, TV and also do not let someone chatter in a loud voice.

Do something which can make you feel relieved and help you concentrate on creative thoughts like listening to sweet melodious music, or meditation music, read a book or watch a movie you admire the most. Go outside and take a walk because taking a walk has many benefits like having fresh air, time to think about oneself and physical exercise all these are beneficial for physical and mental health.

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