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Techbigs Among Us Airship Map – What are players saying about this new map?


Did you hear about the latest Among Us game map that is gaining popularity in the gaming community? Techbigs Among Us Aircraft Map is the latest trending topic in various countries like India, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Among Us fans are passing Gaga on this new map that comes with exciting features. The developers of the popular social deduction game announced the arrival of the new map in September 2020. Read on as we share more details.

About Among Us

In 2020, Among Us is the only online game that captured the attention of millions of players. It is developed by Innersloth and is available on various platforms. The developers announced the arrival of the Airship, the new map that promises more fun.

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Players who want to try this new feature can check out the Techbigs Among Us Aircraft Map.

About Techbigs

It is a popular virtual platform that allows players to download different mods for online games. On this website, you can find a variety of mods for the best-selling game Among Us.

What is this new map about?

The latest addition to the Maps on Among Us collection is known as The Airship.

This new edition of the game’s map list is an effort by the developers to keep players interested.

Things to know about the Techbigs Among Us Aircraft Map:

• Announcement for the new map was made in September 2020.

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• The official launch of the airship map is scheduled for 2021.

• The airship is the fourth map in the game.

• Previously, there were three maps in the game, namely Polus, Mira HQ and Skeld.

• Based on information available online, the map will feature Henry Stickmin theme cosmetic items.

• Previously, this map was only available in the Nintendo Switch versions of the game.

• Users can select this map by changing the settings.

• The new map has many interesting features and involves new tasks.

Who should know about this new map from Among Us?

Among Us players who want to take their gaming experience to the next level can explore Techbigs Among Us Airship Map. It promises a fun gaming experience for gamers.

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What are players saying about this new map?

The announcement of the Airship attracted the attention of Among Us players around the world. Passionate gamers started discussing this new map on online forums and social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Many players share video tutorials that inform other players about how to play Airship.


The arrival of the new map, the airship, offers a fun journey for players. Anyone interested in playing the game using the new map can get Techbigs Among Us Airship Map.

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