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The Best Apps for Your Productivity

Overloaded with tasks and things to do leads to decreased productivity and procrastination. These apps will help you avoid this and make your working day more productive and your life more peaceful. Most of them are free or have a wide range of free features. The idea is to work as focused as possible in a short period of time and then rest, playing at IviBet Brasil or watching YouTube videos, distracting yourself as much as possible.


Tide Focus App

Tide is based on the Pomodoro productivity strategy. In Tide, the modes are switched automatically by an alarm clock. You can customize the duration of rest and work, but the most effective Pomodoro is four 25-minute work sessions, a five-minute break between each, and 20 minutes of rest in silence at the end.

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The work approaches are accompanied by background sounds, such as the sound of rain, muffled conversations, the purring of a cat, or the rustling of books. These can be selected from the library. The melody is looped and has no beginning or end – this helps the brain tune in to the working wave.

YourHour Screen Blocker

This is a helper for those who, instead of working, hang out on social networks, flip through email and messengers or play games.


The program will show how much time the owner of the smartphone spends in different apps and set a limit on their use, for example, half an hour on Instagram per day. When the limit runs out, YourHour will inform you about it in a pop-up window and close access until the beginning of the next day. The limit can be reset or extended.

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YourHour also compiles daily, weekly, and monthly infographics about app usage, assesses your phone addiction level, and suggests ways to break the bad habit.

Forest Phone Blocker Timer

Forest has music to focus on work and a feature to block not only specific apps but the entire phone. The app works in a game form: the user has to grow a forest in it. But the trees grow only when the person is busy working and doesn’t touch the phone.


When launching the app, you need to plant a seed and set a timer, for example, for half an hour. If you exit the app earlier, the tree will die. The more time a person devotes to work, the more new trees will grow in his virtual forest.

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In Forest, you can help grow real trees using virtual coins earned in the game. The app has partnered with Trees for the Future, a tree planting organization – planting forests around the world.

Clean Email Cleaner

You can delete emails and unsubscribe from senders in a single window: the quick clean feature consolidates messages from your entire inbox.


Filters can be set to move, label, or delete entire conversations. For example, you can simultaneously delete emails from one sender, unsubscribe from their messages, or block them.

Notion’s Note-taking Platform

The app can replace half a dozen separate apps, such as Notes on your phone, Google Docs, Excel, Trello, and other programs. And if you get used to it and scout out its full potential, it becomes a versatile workspace no matter your field of endeavor.

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In Notion, you can:

  • Create and edit documents, notes, and media files.
  • Organize all information into knowledge bases and tables.
  • Create planners, guides, articles, checklists and other text formats using ready-made templates.
  • Arrange projects into steps, tasks, and subtasks.
  • Layout pages and share them with everyone.
  • Manage projects via Kanban boards, Wikis, and calendars.

Productive Habits and Task Tracker

The app helps you track work tasks, sports activities, how much water or alcohol you drink, and other activities.


In the app, you can select objects of “tracking”, set reminders and widgets, for example, not to forget to do a warm-up, drink a glass of water, read or send all work messages at once.

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One Tab Browser Tab Manager

This browser extension allows you to separate your work and entertainment tabs. The latter can be placed in a separate window and left until needed.


To return to the pending tabs, you need to pull the extension icon down: then they will open as a vertical list. From there, you can return as many tabs as you want to the main window.


The extension not only helps you visually clean up your browser but also reduces the load on your computer’s RAM. It’s available in all browsers.

RescueTime Work Activity Monitor

RescueTime analyzes users’ workday, such as activity in programs, on websites, inactivity time, busiest hours.

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Using this data, it offers to examine work habits and change them for the better. For example, correct the optimal number of tasks to be performed.


If you step away from your computer for a few minutes, RescueTime automatically detects your absence and pauses the count: your rest time isn’t included in the report.

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