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The Nvidia Games Leakage Gets More Entertaining Adhering Kingdom Hearts 4 Advert

Square Enix has just revealed the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts IV. However, it is not the only game that was steeped in that is getting a lot of attention thanks to the 2021 Nvidia GeForce Now leak. Kingdom Hearts IV is among the dozens of titles that were spotted in the database, and it is an interesting developing plot.

It is a good time to throw back at the games that were steeped in 2021. However, most of the players do not still refuse to play and lay a bet on WooCasino.


Mounting Evidence

Among the other games that were seeped were some of Sony’s undeclared titles, such as Helldivers, God of War also let out on PC through Steam, which suggests that Sony is planning on getting more games on the platform.

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Among the other names that were spotted in the database was a rumored version of the highly popular Resident Evil 4. It’s believed that this is in the works at Capcom, as the company has remade a lot of its games successfully.

Unacknowledged But probable

Unacknowledged But probable

Some of the other names that were spotted in the database included Dragon’s Dogma 2, Gears of War 6, and Remake of Final Fantasy 9. None of these have been formally proclaimed. However, given the success of each franchise, it is possible that these games are authentic.

It is also interesting to note that the rumored Half-Life 2 remaster is astonishing given that Valve has not executed much with the series in recent years. The rumor of a Final Fantasy 9 remake is also interesting, as it is similar to the one that happened with the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Some of the developers whose games were in the database have also acknowledged that they are not working on a PC version of Halo 5 following the leakage. Despite the various issues that the database has, it is still an enchanting glimpse into the future of gaming.


How did it happen and Nvidia’s answer?

How did it happen and Nvidia’s answer?

The database, which was created by Nvidia, was first seeped in September 2021. Although the company affirmed that an unauthorized list of games was posted online, it didn’t address how it happened. In 2021, the company noted that the list was never meant to be released externally.

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In a statement, Nvidia noted that it was cognizant of an unauthorized list of games that were posted online. Although the list only included precarious and let-out names, it was still not confirmed that the games was in development. The company immediately deletes the list from its servers.

It is always exciting to hear about fresh games coming to various platforms. However, until we see what’s actually happening, it’s not yet clear if these games are real.

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