September 7


Things VR Gaming Has Got Really Good At

Virtual reality gaming has come a very long way from when it was just an idea, to now, where there are millions of people who play VR games. These games are very different from the ones most people know about because they transport you to a different world altogether. As technology has advanced, VR gaming has improved a lot, and below are some things it has become very good at.


Although some games break immersion, most VR games make you feel like you exist in the game’s world. These experiences are so profound and unique that they can neither be replicated with a mouse, keyboard and monitor, nor described easily. You have to experience it to understand just how immersive VR gaming is.

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Many companies have also started using this technology in video conferencing software. Because of the growth of remote work, we can expect to see more VR applications in the work environment.

Better Computer Usage

In the early days, VR was very demanding and only high-end computers could run VR games. Now things have got a lot better, and you can start enjoying VR games if you have a modern CPU and GPU. VR has become much better at utilising available resources that companies stopped advertising their products as “VR Ready” because it is expected now.

However, you still need a relatively powerful computer for high-end VR gaming. You need to ensure the CPU and GPU can give you a stellar experience and stable frame rates. If you are shopping for a VR gaming computer, check out Lenovo gaming CPUs and their line of gaming computers, and you will find one capable of playing your favourite VR games.

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Hand Detection and Movement

Hands are crucial in gaming because you use them to interact with the gaming world. Among other improvements, the early days of VR gaming were marked by developers working hard to get motion control and hand detection right.

Anyone who has played a VR game with proper hand detection and movement will tell you how profound that experience is. Better hand tracking like what you get with the Vive and Oculus Quest makes for an even more immersive experience in a game’s world because it helps you forget that you are not really inside that world.

Helping You Stay Fit and Healthy

Beyond the technological advancements that have helped VR gaming become better, VR gaming has also become much better at helping players remain fit and healthy. The physical nature of VR games pushes you to exercise even when you do not want to.

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If you do want to use these games to exercise, there is a massive selection of exercise VR games available to you.

Beyond physical health, there is also enough evidence to show that VR can help with mental disorders. The potential for this use is huge, adding another tool doctors can use to help those living with mental disorders.

VR gaming has come a long way and has advanced as the underlying technology has. You now get much better VR gaming experiences, with numerous apps for the different kinds of games you might be interested in.

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