August 2


Top 8 Ways to Increase Productivity

Want to stay productive even while working from home? Then follow these simple tips and notice how your day gets more exciting. Think of computer games or Bizzo Casino slots. While playing them, you are offered to fulfill first one task, then another and maybe a third, additional.

Find Your Productive Hours

Many books on productivity and time management advise getting up as early as possible and doing basic tasks in the morning. But this method doesn’t work for everyone. You don’t have to adjust your internal clock to fit everyone’s schedule.


Listen to yourself. Determine what hours you are most active. It can be either early morning or late at night – the main thing is that you feel comfortable working at that moment. Adjust your work schedule to these times.

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Don’t Take on a Lot of Work

Productivity depends not on the amount of work you get done, but on your inner well-being. Chasing multitasking and doing a hundred things today will lead to a complete unwillingness to get up from the couch tomorrow. What good is such productivity?


You don’t notice how you spend dozens of hours in the game and perform the second hundred quests. All because the tasks appear in portions.


Do the same with your plan. Divide large tasks into smaller ones and don’t take on everything at once.

Learn How to Delegate and Say “No”

This simple word can cause a lot of difficulties when you get a new project and it doesn’t fit into your schedule, but you want to make as much money as possible. Or when you’re trying to take on a bunch of responsibilities again, half of which could be delegated to someone else.

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Learn to say no to things that don’t fit into your schedule. If possible, delegate a task to someone who can handle it.


For example, going grocery shopping can be erased from your list because there is delivery.

Arrange Your Workplace

It doesn’t have to be a perfectly scrubbed desk with nothing but your laptop on it. If you like creative clutter, organize it! If you feel a burst of energy sitting on the couch, work there!


Most importantly, understand where and how you work most productively. Sitting at the kitchen table you are always distracted, you can not gather your thoughts? Then you need to change the place. Can you accomplish a dozen tasks if you go to a cafe? Then this is your ideal work area. Follow your personal feelings.

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Separate Work and Rest

The worst mistake all remote workers make is resting at their workplace. You need a break from the computer, but spend your free time watching a video or playing a computer game. Otherwise, the brain will not be able to switch and rest, and in the evening you will feel a decline in energy and “mush in the head”. Take a walk, warm up or have a snack with some quiet music.

Get off Social Media

Have you clocked how much time is spent texting and liking during the workday? Twenty to sixty minutes, and sometimes even more. But is it important to respond to a new offer of cooperation now? And is it necessary at this very minute to respond with an emoticon to a funny picture from a friend? It’s distracting, mind-numbing, and you spend even more time trying to concentrate again.

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Put on Music for Concentration

Yes, there is such a thing. There are entire playlists with tunes that help you be more productive.


There are dozens of studies on the effects of music on the nervous system and overall productivity. For example, calm music at a medium volume catalyzes creative thinking, tuning our brains to the right working mode. But music that is too loud, on the contrary, prevents us from concentrating and makes it harder to process information.


Choose pleasant tunes for the background and you will notice how much easier it is to work.

Change the Activity

You can’t stay equally productive all day long – you’re not a robot. Your brain gets tired and loses concentration, so you need to “shake it up” – offer new activities to get it active again.

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Use the principles of time management in your work:

  • Do the most difficult task first (this method is also called “eating the frog”).
  • Take a break every 40-50 minutes (it isn’t without reason that lessons at school go on for this long – teachers know when a break is needed).
  • Alternate tasks by complexity and by type (draw and fill in a large table – answer letters – go back to the tables).


Time management techniques can help you increase your productivity without overworking.

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