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What Are the Different Types of Dirt Bikes?

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Bikes are for riding, but dirt bikes are for racing. Dirt bikes have been around since the late 1940s, and they’ve come a long way since then. Now there are four main types of dirt bike: motocross, supermoto, cross-country (also called enduro), and flat track. Here is an overview of each one to help you figure out which type best suits your needs. You can also read additional information on motorsportscareerguide.com

Types of Dirt Bikes

Motocross Bike – A motocross bike is exactly what you would expect: a dirt bike designed for cross-country racing.

Supermoto Bike – Supermoto bikes combine the best parts of dirt and street bikes. They have larger wheels than standard road bikes and knobby tires so they can handle both smooth pavement and bumpy back roads. The SM designation means these bikes are street-legal. However, there is no license or permit you will need to legally ride one on the streets since they don’t meet the minimum specs required for licensing.

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Cross-Country Bike – Cross-country dirt bikes are designed for long stretches of rough terrain, like that found in enduro races, where the winner is the rider who finishes with the most laps around a set track in a particular time.

Flat Track Racing Bike – The main difference between flat track bikes and motocross bikes, or any other type of dirt bike, is that flat-trackers have no suspension at all. This allows them to reach speeds up to 140 mph.

Is a Dirt Bike Right for Me?

Dirt bikes are fun. All types of dirt bikes provide an adrenaline rush as riders weave through rough terrain and over jumps at speeds much faster than usual road bikes. However, these various types of dirt bikes each have their advantages and disadvantages for all different types of riders.

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If you want to enjoy the thrill of riding a dirt bike but don’t want to work too hard, you should consider getting an enduro or supermoto. These bikes are designed for rough terrain with lots of obstacles, so they have larger wheels and more suspension than standard dirt bikes. These features absorb some of the impacts so your ride will be less bumpy. If you plan to ride on the street, consider choosing a cross-country, flat-track, or SM bike. These models are made to go fast for extended amounts of time while still maintaining stability.

If you only want to ride in your backyard and aren’t interested in racing, then any type of dirt bike is okay for you. However, you should still invest in a full-face helmet and other protective gear to provide some safety from those inevitable falls.

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In the end, it’s up to you which type of dirt bike is best. No matter how you decide to ride, having fun on a new bike will always be exciting. Just remember that safety should never fall by the wayside. In addition to wearing protective gear, learn the rules of your local road and trails so that you can ride safely and responsibly.


There are four main types of dirt bikes: motocross, supermoto, cross-country (enduro), and flat track. Each has different features and functions depending on how it is used.

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