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What are the ways academically backward students can be made to participate in class for better results?

Many different strategies can be made use of when the students plan to score a better exam result. The use of LMS is important to keep the data related to the strategy and methods organized. Students who struggle to learn and remember a response to a question now have access to assistance. They can imagine a certain word that is connected to the solution they are learning. It could also be the first alphabet of subheads that can be put together in a way to form a word. The term used to describe this learning strategy is mnemonics. Professors must support challenging pupils by using a variety of unconventional coaching techniques. For these students, the standard instructional approaches fall short. Teachers must develop a connection between what the students already know and what they are learning to make learning effective for these children. Teachers can use the fun of metaphors and analogies to do this. Putting off tasks is the root of all problems. According to this axiom, pupils’ ability to learn is diminished when study time is postponed.

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Due to constant pressure to concentrate on their schoolwork, struggling pupils frequently display a clear disinterest in learning. Without any downtime, their minds get overloaded with knowledge. They will then put it off because of this. We know that this teaching will enable challenging kids to integrate into the educational mainstream. Teachers must not only watch out for a slow learner but also support him through every stage of the learning process. Making the most of research and implementation of techniques that will enable children with mild special needs to thrive in this competitive environment is all about paying attention to the aforementioned strategies. Students must master the fundamental cognitive talent of attention if they are to succeed as learners. Many kids who struggle with focus and attention can not process information well, which can make it difficult for them to listen, read, and learn. We discuss how the work they put in has changed their brains, helped them read at a new level, or helped them accomplish a goal we set as we celebrate their accomplishments.

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We convene an intervention conference if students aren’t making progress toward their objectives so that we may assess their achievements and make necessary changes. We know that this has improved their concentration, academic performance, emotional control, and sense of maturity. We can help children learn more effectively and gain the self-assurance and tenacity they need to thrive in school and life by providing them with the time, encouragement, and resources they need to concentrate. The pupils’ reluctance to learn using the teacher’s preferred style of instruction may contribute to some of their backwardnesses. The instructor shouldn’t constantly use the same approach. Students enjoy “novelty and newness.” Always be prepared to modify your teaching style to fit the needs of your students. He might need to spend more time and effort on the pupil who is falling behind.


The teacher should give the slow student personal attention and assistance. The teacher should act in such a way that the slower learners never feel abandoned or left behind. In some circumstances, a poor writing hand or geometrical constructs may be the root of unsatisfactory performance. Therefore, their issue is not with mathematics. In their situation, a language teacher’s cooperation might be sought. In these situations, the teacher should make it a point to stress on accuracy of handwriting and construction.

Examining apparatus such as a flawed examination system may also contribute to some students’ lack of seriousness and laggard behaviour. Some students may choose to forgo mathematics if mastering this subject is not required to pass the final test. Therefore, in this regard, it should be regarded as mandatory. It should be completely free to come up with fresh concepts. For a creative expression to occur, psychological safety and freedom are necessary. Small groups of students can easily employ brainstorming or creative problem-solving technique. They should have complete freedom to allow their imaginations to grow. They ought to be inspired to consider the possible outcomes and effects of their actions. They should be inspired to consider other strategies and options such as the use of ERP as well.

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