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What is the fastest way to cure phimosis? Is circumcision the only way to cure phimosis?

Phimosis is a urology condition that commonly occurs in young and uncircumcised men. However, phimosis can happen at any age causing painful symptoms like burning sensation while urinating, irritation in the glans of the penis, trouble maintaining an erection, bleeding, the emergence of white rid around the head of the penis, or swelling. 

Circumcision is the fastest and most effective way to cure phimosis. The doctor may prescribe medication if the phimosis is in the initial stage. In case the medication is not showing any result, and the severity of the condition is prolonging the doctor may advise a surgical intervention to cure it. 

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There are different grades of phimosis that are classified based on their advancement of symptoms:

Grade-0– Foreskin of the penis is fully retractable

Grade-1– Foreskin is fully retractable but gets tight behind the glans of the penis

Grade-2– Foreskin is retractable with partial exposure of glans

Grade-3– Foreskin is partially retractable with meatus just visible

Grade-4– Foreskin is partially retractable, but both meatus and glans of the penis are not visible

Grade-5– No absolute retraction of the foreskin of the penis

Type of circumcision procedures for phimosis

There are three different types of techniques that doctors may suggest to get the circumcision depending on the severity of phimosis:

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Laser circumcision– It is a modern treatment for circumcision. This technique is minimally invasive, and a doctor uses a leaser means to cut the foreskin of the penis. This procedure has minimal blood loss, faster recovery, and no chances of infection. Laser circumcision is a daycare procedure that usually takes 15-20 minutes, and the patient can go home on the same day of surgery.

Stapler circumcision– In this procedure, that doctor uses a medical instrument referred to as a stapler. This device helps remove the foreskin from the penis in order to circumcise it. Once the foreskin removes, the device leaves a silicone ring behind on the penis that generally falls off on its own when the foreskin gets healed properly.

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Open circumcision- It is a traditional method of doing circumcision. The doctor may use a sharp blade or surgical knife to detach the foreskin from the glans of the penis. This procedure may take longer as compared to other procedures mentioned above. This technique is advised in rare cases only depending on the severity of the condition.  

Why advanced procedure for circumcision?

The advanced procedure for laser circumcision surgery is performed with the help of the latest medical technology to make the treatment precise and to increase the chances of better results. These procedures of circumcision are minimally invasive as compared to conventional methods and have various advantages, such as:

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-No large cuts or stitches

-A faster recovery duration

-A fewer risk of infection

-Precise procedure

-Outpatient procedure

-Better success result

-Minimum discomfort post-treatment

-Painless procedure

-Minimal bleeding 

-15-20 minutes procedure

Benefits of getting a circumcision

Undergoing or getting a circumcision can be highly beneficial for an individual who is suffering from penile issues on a frequent basis. Circumcision is the fastest way to reduce the risk of infections and prevent other urological conditions from developing or progressing.  There are some other benefits as well of getting circumcision: 

  • Reduced risks of penis medical conditions: Circumcision can reduce the risk of penile inflammations such as balanoposthitis, paraphimosis, and phimosis when it gets difficult to retract the foreskin to its regular position.
  • Lower the risk of cervical cancer for partners: The females are less likely to get cervical cancer if the men are circumcised.
  • Reduced sexually transmitted infections: Men who have circumcised penis have fewer chances of getting sexually transmitted infections and diseases, including HIV, than uncircumcised men.
  • Less urinary tract infections: Post circumcision, it gets easier to main penile hygiene. As a result, there are fewer episodes of urinary tract infections than men who are uncircumcised.
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Phimosis is a urological disease that commonly occurs in uncircumcised men. Circumcision is the most effective way to get rid of phimosis. Undergoing phimosis treatment prevents other penile diseases such as balanitis, paraphimosis, or foreskin infection from developing and progressing. In addition, a circumcised penis is easier to wash and clean in order to maintain good hygiene as compared to an uncircumcised penis. As reported by expert urologists, circumcision is the fastest way to cure phimosis.

Get in touch with a Pristyn Care urologist and book an appointment for offline or online consultation at your convenience to get a piece of advice regarding phimosis. It is always a better option to consult an experienced urologist than taking any over-the-counter medication that may cause any further damage or show any side effects later. 

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