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Anime Style QR Codes

Art is something people can create only. the old phrase that today might disappear as recent different technological devices and creations can simply copy or even create better things. We wake up with a mobile phone in our hands. We have access to the world’s information, unfortunately, there is a problem. We can not say what is true or what is not. But eventually, it helps us in our work and rest. Anytime you get home tired from a hard-working day, rest and chill with Bizzo Casino Italia. You can join it not only with your lap[top but using the QR code on your phone. We are going to talk about recent funny QR codes that added some art into our technological life.

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Author Nhciao has published a series of artistic QR codes generated using the Stable Diffusion imaging model. The method invented by him allows you to create unusual codes that are recognized by the smartphone’s camera.

Japanese Industry

QR codes were originally developed for the Japanese automotive industry. Since then, due to their ability to store a significant amount of data, they have found wide applications in various areas, including advertising, product tracking, and digital payments.

When scanned with a smartphone or a dedicated QR code scanner, the encoded information can be quickly accessed and viewed. Such information can be text, a website URL, or other data. Anime QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that contain information regarding an anime show or character. When scanned, these codes can be used to access a website, give a Twitter handle, or provide other details about the anime in question. For example, Anime QR codes may lead to an official fan page for the show, where users can learn more about the series and the characters that were featured.

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In this case, despite having complex AI-generated images and patterns on Nhciao-generated images, we found that smartphone camera apps on both iPhone and Android were still able to read them as functional QR codes.

     How Was It Created?

Stable Diffusion is an AI-based generative model released last year that can create images based on text descriptions. It can also convert existing images using the img2img technology. The author did not elaborate on the exact technique he used.

However, judging by the blog post and the title of the post on Reddit (ControlNet for QR code), he apparently trained several custom Stable Diffusion ControlNet models for different styles. He also refined the LoRa model. The creator then fed the existing QR codes into the Stable Diffusion image generator and used ControlNet to preserve the location of the data when generating the images.

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Another Way Of Creating

There are other ways to create an artistic-looking QR code. For example, you can manipulate the position of dots within code to create meaningful readable patterns. In this case, Stable Diffusion not only controls the position of the dots but also blurs the details of the image according to the QR code.


Such an interesting use of Stable Diffusion is possible thanks to the error correction function built into QR codes. It allows you to restore a certain percentage of the QR code data in case of damage or blackout.

This allows you to modify the image while keeping it readable. But in the case of Nhciao, it was used to combine utility with creativity. Stable Diffusion has added unique artistic touches to QR codes without compromising their functionality.

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All of the codes in the examples provided link to qrbtf.com, a QR code generator site that was probably also run by Nhciao. Technically, this method can work with any QR code, although someone in a Reddit discussion wrote that due to the nature of the encoding, it will work best with shorter URLs.

The development opens up new possibilities for both digital art and marketing. Ordinary black and white QR codes can be turned into unique works of art by enhancing their aesthetic appeal. So they will become not just a convenient tool, but also an object of art. As Anime QR codes become increasingly popular, there are more and more opportunities for fans to access exclusive content. For instance, some companies are using Anime QR codes to give fans access to special product giveaways. This is especially popular at conventions and events, as Anime QR codes make it easier for people to receive discounts and other offers when scanning the codes.

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