April 30


Full-Service Law Firms in Dubai

A Law Firm has to deal with a variety of fields. These are the fields related to Law. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, a Law Firm is a legal office who has to deal with all types of legal disputes including Family Disputes, Wills and Estate, Real Estate, Company Formation and Legal Counselling. Such Law Firms are called Full-Service Law Firms in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The Law Firms are mostly under Sole Proprietorship ownership or few are under partnership.


But UAE National Lawyers are only allowed to open the Law Firm and to appear in Court Sessions. However, the credibility and the professional competency of Advocates in UAE e.g. Lawyers in Dubai, Lawyers in Abu Dhabi as well as all other Emirates, is amazing. This UAE National restriction does not create any kind of monopoly or coercion. It means first of all the UAE government sets the high level of professional standards which produces the high quality of lawyers and legal consultants.

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Staff of these Law Firms:


Staff means the advocates and legal consultants hired by these Law Firms in the United Arab Emirates. We have discussed the reasons why Dubai Law Firms are quite distinguished in the UAE. However, the Dubai Lawyers and Legal Consultants are also the popular attorneys and consultants among others. Businesses in Dubai offer a big platform to Dubai Businesses, where they can polish themselves better than others. Dubai Businesses are one of the best businesses in the United Arab Emirates. These megastructure businesses allow many professionals to learn more while performing the biggest tasks. Staff of these Law Firms especially in Dubai have been transformed into world’s best lawyers and legal consultants. It means these law professionals can easily be trusted and the condition of UAE National Lawyers do not affect the quality of legal services.

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Properly Segmented


Full-Service Law Firms are properly segmented. It means such Law Firms are distributed in proper departments, managed by specialized lawyers as “Head of Departments”. These HOD Lawyers are the best in their domain. It means a lawyer expert in Family Law will be the best Family Lawyer. Labour and Employment Lawyer will be the best Labour and Employment Lawyer. The Civil Lawyer will be the best Civil Law Lawyer, or Commercial Lawyer or even Business Lawyer. When different apartments will be made in a Law Company under one “Roof Top” then work could not be mixed and one lawyer will not be allotted various jobs.

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It is also a truth that such segments can also be installed and can also be implemented in few Law Firms. This requires big offices, a number of good lawyers, equipment and finance. Such Law Firms work with a large number of clients and a large number of business clients. Then they are able to manage the resources and expenses. Therefore, such Law Firms will always be bigger one. Now the next question is if the Law Firm is the bigger one then it can’t be afforded by all the customers.


This is a quite valid point. But let us tell you that when you are in a legal dispute, then it means you have to find out the solution, not the team of lawyers. Do not waste your time and money on experiments. It is all about finding good solutions. It is all about finding the right lawyers. Therefore, manage the budget issues and look for such Law Firms with dedicated departments and specialized lawyers and advocates.

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Few About Paralegals


Paralegals are the support to legal. They are the experts who are not into Law but they are helpful like paramedics. There is a separate education nowadays for paralegals because they should have a knowledge before starting working for the Law Firms. If they do not have the knowledge then they can’t handle the cases legally properly. It means while working with Dubai Law Firms, you must know how to open the Dubai Court Systems, Prosecution Systems, Traffic RTA systems, Land Department, Rental Department etc. You must be familiar with the Arabic language as well as language. Law Firms in UAE like Law Firms in Dubai, having the privilege here again that Law Firms in Dubai do emphasize on the importance of paralegals, and importance of good paralegals.

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Generally, these paralegals are not having legal degrees as per the old medium. But they are very competent as they have spent many years in the legal industry and the professional environment has made them trained and filled with enough legal knowledge. They have knowledge of Arabic and English and can easily perform in Law Firms as paralegals. Paralegals in Dubai Law Firms are very competent and qualified.


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