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The Most Innovative Gadgets to Buy as Gifts for Your Beloved Ones

It seems that in the XXI century, it’s already difficult to come up with something new and surprise customers. Sometimes even game developers releasing games for XBox or Cookie Casino think a lot to create something thrilling. But technology doesn’t stand still, so we offer you 10 unusual gifts.

BORK D617 Eye Massager

Technology is evolving to make our lives more comfortable and pleasant. That’s why it’s necessary to make the most of it. Automatic massager will help you relax after work, especially for those who spend all day at the computer. Thanks to a special mechanism of 16 massage cushions affecting 10 acupuncture points, improving blood circulation and relieving muscle tension around the eyes.

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The D617 allows you to see your surroundings during the massage. The perforated front panel works on the principle of glasses for working in front of a screen: this view stimulates the eye nerve with light and increases visual acuity. In this way, you can relax and relieve eye strain without being distracted.

Smart Lighting System Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit EU

Such technological gifts will appeal to those who like to decorate their home with unusual gadgets. Nanoleaf Lines is a modular lighting system with voice control and different light modes that can synchronize with music or adjust to the main colors on the monitor screen.

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It comes with nine panels from which almost any 2D figure can be created – you can make it up yourself or look in the Design Inspirations library with ready-made combinations.


The shapes can be mounted anywhere – on walls, ceilings, or even furniture. The panels support 16 million colors, so it’s easy to create the right atmosphere for any occasion. It’s easy to control the light through the app – there you can set up your own light scenarios, schedule the panels, as well as turn on the music mode to light up the room to the rhythm of your favorite songs.

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Plevo Infinite Suitcase

Quite unexpected to see suitcases in a selection of gadgets? But we were not mistaken, these are really technological gifts. Plevo Infinite will be the perfect companion in any trip: it will charge your phone and laptop on the road, warn you if your luggage is overweight and securely lock your things inside – open the lock only with Face ID through a special application on your smartphone, Touch ID, the keys that are included, or Morse code – in case you can’t access your phone or need another person to open the suitcase.


The suitcase will never get lost – it can be set to send notifications when the distance between you and your luggage becomes over 20 meters, as well as when another person tries to open the suitcase.

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KLU Body Composition Tracker

Technological gifts can help you keep track of your health. Some smart scales can detect body composition. But a scale as a presentation isn’t always a good idea. That’s why there’s a more aesthetically pleasing accessory, the KLU Body Composition Tracker. All you have to do to read the information is to squeeze four contact points with your fingers. The gadget will pass a weak electrical impulse through the body – the muscles will pass it faster and the fat layer will pass it slower. Based on this, the tracker will calculate all the important indicators of your body.

Larq Smart Water Bottle

There are more and more smart things around us. Now the bottle has joined these ranks. Larq has an integrated water purification system that uses PureVis technology to remove up to 99% of various biocontaminants, such as E. coli.

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The purification technology is activated at the touch of a button. Harmful bacteria are killed automatically by a built-in cleaning LED every 2 hours.


The gadget will be a perfect gift for travelers and those who are concerned about the quality of drinking water.

Oura Ring 3 Smart Ring

No one is surprised by smartwatches anymore, but not many people know about smart rings. Oura Ring 3 monitors health, fitness and sleep, and by analyzing the data, it shows how fit the user is now and whether his body is ready to exercise.


The gadget has built-in sensors of optical type – with red and green diodes, which read the heart rate, body temperature and breathing, as well as the level of oxygen in the blood. You can track the readings in the app – they are displayed in real time and in graphs for a day, a week, or a longer period. If you don’t know what technological gifts to choose, what to give for a birthday or other holiday, pay attention to Oura Ring 3.

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LG PuriCare AP300AWFA Personal Air Purifier

This summer we faced both extreme heat and smog. The air conditioners, purifiers and humidifiers helped to fight them in the apartment. But outdoors, we had to endure unbearable conditions. Of course, it’s still impossible to put yourself in a balloon with a comfortable microclimate, but to improve the air condition is quite possible. Technological gifts will help. A personal purifier with the help of HEPA filters, built into the mask, filters out harmful particles and makes the air fresh and clean. Testing has shown high efficiency in removing bacteria, viruses and allergens. So this cleaner will also be useful for allergy sufferers when the disease is exacerbated – for example, in spring when there is an active flowering season.



The PuriCare purifier has two fans that blow air at the speed of your breathing and make it easier to breathe. The mask has a three-stage fan flow control system: you can choose low for normal walking and high for running and other strenuous activities.

Xiaomi Jya Wireless LED Table Lamp Silver

Technological gifts are also worth looking for among home accessories. For example, this Jya wireless table lamp knows how to switch from diffused light to focused light. The former is ideal for working, reading and writing, the latter for ambiance or exposure. The user can select the desired brightness level for either mode. LEDs aren’t harmful to vision and don’t burn out, so the futuristic gadget is an excellent addition to both the desktop and bedside table.

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Airgle AG25 Air Purifier

The Airgle AG25 will also help you clean the air in your car or at your workplace in the office. It is compact, but in spite of its modest size is powerful.


It uses proprietary filtration technology such as HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and module for neutralizing viruses and bacteria. It effectively captures dust particles, odors, smoke, bacteria, viruses, allergens and volatile organic compounds.

Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB (RRT-00010) Game Console

Sometimes after reading the news you want to escape from this reality. That’s where the gaming console comes to the rescue. Immerse yourself in thousands of your favorite games on Xbox. 3D Spatial Sound technology makes it feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. And DirectX ray tracing provides realistic lighting, shadows and accurate reflections to create dynamic and vibrant worlds.

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