November 22


8 Manifestations of Emotional Stress in a Person’s Life

The manifestation of emotional stress is related to the emotions, feelings and events that happen to a person. A person’s physical state directly depends on his emotional state. If you enjoy working or playing at TonyBet, you feel great. And if you are in a bad mood, you feel broken and depressed physically.


Let’s talk about what emotions, feelings and states give the body stress.


What is stress? In simple words, the reaction of our hormonal system by releasing adrenaline and cortisol hormones to events in the external environment and internal emotional state.

Emotional Manifestations of Stress

Negative Thinking

Negative thinking, they shout from everywhere: don’t think bad, think positive and everything will be fine. But people cannot think only positively because in life, there are all kinds of problems and events that don’t suit us, and therefore, we get upset.



Why does negative thinking cause stress?


Because a person believes in his thoughts, it seems to him that all thoughts are true and correct. Well, accordingly, the subconscious mind turns on reality mode – everything is bad, a threat? So we react to the threat – freeze, run, or attack!


What Is Negative Thinking?


Is it when a person perceives any event from a one-sided position, looking for something bad or negative?


We talk about distortion of perception thinking, but that is a separate topic. Thinking is the thought process, our thoughts. A lot of people think that thoughts can’t be influenced, so they just put their hands down. But they don’t.

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Negative thinking doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a long process that takes a lifetime of consciousness. What affects the emergence of negative thinking? Everything has an effect. Can you change it? If you have a great desire and awareness of your negative thinking, you can, but you need time and diligence.


It can be said that people with negative thinking are in chronic stress with all the ensuing consequences in the form of poor health and disease.

Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts aren’t good and pleasant. In the head, some bad thoughts swirl in a circle, and the person is difficult to get rid of them. Often they are about some event that has already happened or is about to happen. Thoughts are loaded with fear and apprehension and anxiety.

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Stress hormones, pacifically allocated to your thoughts because they (hormones), absolutely all the same, in reality something happens or in your head. The more intrusive the thoughts, the more hormones are released, the higher the stress level.

Non Acceptance of Situations, Resistance

Not accepting situations, events in our lives automatically triggers a stress response system. What is the emotional response when resisting what is happening? Anger, anger, aggression, irritation, etc.


It doesn’t matter how much you react externally, you may be silent, but there’s an emotional storm going on inside of you that triggers the hormonal response.

Resentments and Dissatisfaction

It seems that everyone has known everything about resentments for a long time, but this does not change the situation at all. an internal defense mechanism in the form of a hormonal shield is activated, again, a person is constantly thinking and worrying, having internal conversations, cannot accept the situation, and pumps himself up with stress hormones.

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Irritation at Everyone and Everything

Everything pisses me off and annoys me! When everything irritates you, your body gives a clear signal that your emotional area is overloaded and needs an urgent reset. Your nervous system is like a bare wire, any contact and sparks fly!

You Don’t Want to Do Anything

It takes energy to do things, to desire things. Even dreaming and wishing takes energy. And all the energy goes into restoring life support, and some things are done through willed effort. How often do you tell yourself what you have to do or should do? And how rarely do you say, “I want to do”?

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Emotional Indifference

Joy and happiness are generators of life energy, the less often we are happy, the less the supply of good energy. The more often we are unhappy, the more we waste our stores of good energy. Everything ends at some point, especially if there is no renewal of reserves.


Of course, each person will have his or her own manifestations of emotional stress, but there is one indicator that lurks behind each item, yet is most often not thought of.


It’s fear. Fears come in small and large, there are apprehension and caution, and there are panic fears, when one is seized by terror.



Fear is the main reason for the release of stress hormones.


When we talk about the emotional realm and fears, we are talking about neurotic fears that are made up by man. Fear isn’t necessarily about a physical threat; often we are talking about the experience, the mental pain that can arise because of some event.


Our subconscious mind is always on guard for our well-being, but it also captures the slightest threat, releasing emotions of fear that are often not felt on the level of the mind.


For example, the emotion of anger, rage. Practically no one realizes that fear is behind anger.



On the contrary, an angry person causes fear in others. But if you think about it, deep inside, such a person is afraid that his opinion is not perceived, that he is worthless if people contradict his expectations. And a subconscious deep fear, causes a rush of rage. Rage is needed to neutralize his fear with action and to see confirmation that the situation is under his control and nothing is threatening.

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