December 27



The crypto market is booming and it is not only Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple that have significantly increased in value within the last few months. It is becoming more and more interesting to follow the market of crypto as is playing TonyBet. New cryptocurrencies, unknown projects or fun projects like Dogecoin are also becoming more and more popular.


But how do you actually buy cryptocurrencies, which new coins have potential and how safe is trading new cryptocurrencies? We took a closer look at that and summarized it in this article.


Some coins will stand out in particular: FightOut, Dash 2 Trade, IMPT, Calvaria, Tamadoge, and Lucky Block. Read on to learn what makes these new cryptocurrencies stand out and why we rank them among the top crypto tokens of 2022.

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According to Coinmarketcap, over 9,000 different cryptocurrencies now exist.  New coins with potential or no potential are added daily. We’ve taken a look at a few new cryptocurrencies that we find interesting. Our examples are either currently in IOC or have recently completed it:


  • FightOut is a new cryptocurrency and move-to-earn platform on the Ethereum blockchain, where users can earn attractive move-to-earn rewards and money in real gyms, home workouts, and metaverse events.

Users can exercise in video workout programs at home, in FightOut gyms or partner studios, have their activity tracked via the FightOut app and have their activity score calculated. What’s unique about FightOut is that all athletic activity – not just step count – is measured, providing more engagement and better earning opportunities.

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A unique, non-tradable but customizable Soulbound avatar as an NFT represents the athlete in the immersive FightOut metaverse. Users can purchase decorative NFTs to present themselves to others exactly as desired and become active in the global community of fitness enthusiasts.

The Move-to-Earn platform is controlled via a sophisticated dual-token mechanism. Users can use FGHT tokens to make in-app purchases and trade decorative NFTs or receive 25% bonus on REPS purchases. The REPS token is used to pay M2E rewards, and the REPS tokens can be used to participate in contests, tournaments or premium courses in the Metaverse.

The unique design and comprehensive incentive mechanism makes many analysts estimate that FightOut could become the best new cryptocurrency of the year and become the industry leader. Right now the FightOut presale is underway, users can strike right now and get up to 50% bonus for their purchase of FGHT tokens.

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  • D2T Coin is a new cryptocurrency that is expected to start its pre-sale in 2023. Dash 2 Trade’s D2T token (hence the name) is meant to power an analytical trading platform that includes various signals, but also social trading features. In this way, the platform should provide its users with valuable insights into the world of crypto trading.

This should also allow users to identify pre-sale projects with potential. To this end, the team intends to create manual valuations of various pre-sale tokens. Currently, the D2T Coin is in the making and the first investors are jumping on the bandwagon.

  • RobotEra is a Web3 metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain where users explore the virtual world with a robot as their avatar. Users can mine their own robot as an NFT and equip it with accessories (NFTs). Virtual NFT plots can be purchased and farmed or lent out.
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The RobotEra Metaverse is controlled via the native TARO token. This can be earned during virtual experiences such as quests or games, it is needed to pay for the purchase of NFTs such as robots, accessories or NFT plots.

The robota metaverse has already generated a lot of media hype, currently it is in ICO presale – the price of the TARO token increases with each further presale phase.


And there are many more to discover. Find out what is best suitable for you.




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