March 25


Organize Your Kitchen In a Weekend: A 5-Point Plan

The kitchen is an area that gets used more than other home areas. So it would be helpful if you focused more on upgrading, remodeling, and organizing it. A well-organized kitchen makes life simple and easy.


Remodeling your kitchen is an easy weekend project. You can paint your cabinets, replace your hardware or faucet, install a new backsplash, add drawer and shelf storage solutions, which are the best ways to provide your kitchen with a facelift.


Are you also planning to conduct a small kitchen remodeling? Kitchen remodeling can be intimidating, but our five steps will help you to make your process smooth.

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So check out our fantastic remodel list for your inspiration!


1: Gather Ideas For Your Kitchen Remodel

The first step for kitchen remodeling is to plan what you want to do. You can browse your favorite Pinterest boards, home improvement sites, and YouTube videos to get the latest ideas to help you develop your remodeling plans.


If you have any idea that pops up in your mind, draw up the outline of the remodel. Your core focus should be the development of the room’s layout.


The DIY route will be a lot more affordable – you can get a high-end kitchen renovation on a limited budget. You can do all the shopping and some of the labor yourself. In addition, tasks like installing appliances, painting, and of course decorating you can do by yourself.

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But again, a professional experience can be far more helpful for more complicated tasks in your kitchen remodeling project such as putting in new flooring, replacing cabinetry, or installing new countertops.


2: Create A Budget And Desired Timeline 

After creating an idea of your dream kitchen, you need to figure out how much it will cost—really an important step. You need to research to determine a solid foundation for the kitchen remodel budget.


Yes, it is challenging to guess exactly how much a kitchen renovation will cost, but a general idea will help you prepare yourself for the big project you are taking on.

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Similarly, timelines vary due to the size of your kitchen, the scope of work, and the contractors you are working with.


3: Call In The Professionals

There are professionals out there for every facet of a kitchen remodel. You can take the help of your colleagues, friends, and good old friends to research to find a professional contractor for you.


You can visit big-box stores and showrooms to look at the material available.


A good rule of thumb is getting estimates from three different contractors. If you aim for a cost-effective DIY kitchen remodeling, you should not take the low-ball bid for a renovation.

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4: Demolition Day & Putting Kitchen Back Together 

After finalizing the crew, here comes demolition. Whether you are gutting the whole kitchen or something or tearing the cabinets, you can find several DIY kitchen remodels. You can even order ready-to-assemble cabinets and have fun putting them up in the kitchen to finish it up.


After demolishing, you need to remodel the kitchen back together. Our recommended order of steps are:


  • Paint the room
  • Install new flooring
  • Add kitchen cabinets
  • Install countertops
  • Place large appliances
  • Fasten cabinet hardware
  • Put in the backsplash


5: Wrap Up Your Kitchen Remodel Project

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Once the things are settled, you need to check out every newly remodeled kitchen item individually. Check off the completed items and wrap up the items that still need a makeover.


If you have hired any home builder, you need to check whether everything is fulfilled according to the set agreement or not. Pay them off once the work is done according to your demand.


Once your punch list is accomplished, you must dismantle your makeshift kitchen. Resume daily cooking routine in your ideally set brand-new kitchen.


If you find debris or junk, you need to take heavy-duty cleanups to ensure hygiene.

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Final Words

Organizing a kitchen is not a big task if you execute proper planning, work on creative ideas, and hire professional contractors. You can work on different cost-effective plans to ready your quality kitchen in less time and at less price.


You can follow the above tips to add colour, texture, and detail to your kitchen. With a bit of yet smart planning, you can bring surprising functionality to your kitchen and make it a lively place to cook food and spend time with family.


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