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Top Pointers That Makes Your FoodPanda Grocery Delivery Clone Successful

With so many on-demand Grocery Delivery Apps published on a daily basis, the competition here has become stiff. Equally challenging for those grocery store owners that are looking to develop Grocery Delivery Clone App.


Now that we are discussing the growing concern of how to flourish your on-demand grocery delivery app, let’s discuss important marketing tips that ensure success for your FoodPanda Grocery Delivery Clone App. Share your tips on live streaming platforms such as Twitch and get the chance to interact with your audience in real-time. If you wish to have a stronger digital presence, buy twitch viewers.


Follow the below-mentioned marketing tips:

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Keep it basic

Remember, all age-groups will be using your FoodPanda Grocery Delivery Clone App for ordering groceries. Not only millennials but for everyone. Thus, the design of your app must be simple and basic to follow. With too much flashy design and complex navigation, your customers will uninstall your app.


As per the market research, about 30% of the customers abandon the cart because of the complicated buying and checking out process. Avoid doing that.


Use push-notification to promote

Sending SMS notifications can irritate your customers. They might leave the app without purchasing the groceries. Thus, send a notification through the in-app feature. This way the customer will receive all the necessary notifications regarding the discounts, loyalty programs, price slash, and new launch of the feature.  Furthermore, make sure that the push-notification offers are relevant and sent at the right time.

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In-app chat feature

You can integrate into the “chat-bot” form or have dedicated customer support. Many people have similar doubts which can be resolved through the in-app chat feature. Thus it minimizes the operational costs, resolving customer problems immediately leads to overall growth in cart conversions.


Buy from App, pick up from store

This is an excellent way to attract more customers. By opting for this preference, your customers won’t be facing a queue to get their items. They can pick up from the store at the designated time slot assuring contactless delivery.


FoodPanda Grocery Delivery Clone App With Advanced Features

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Integrating your Grocery Delivery Clone App with Advanced-level Features will not only enhance your app but will also attract the millions of millennials who otherwise would take no time in switching to something else.


  1. Store wise commission

The Admin can set different commission rates for every grocery store. Depending on their popularity in service niche groceries, this is one of the best ways to upswing the profits.


  1. Day wise separate timeslots

The app feature allows the customer to choose their preferred day-wise separate time slots as per their convenience. In different countries, there are different timings and rules to operate grocery stores. Thus, the Admin can set the timings suiting their business demands.

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  1. 18+ age confirmation

This feature restricts under 18 users from buying alcohol, wine, cigarettes, etc. The user is asked to upload the age proof when adding wine/alcohol or similar stuff to the cart. It is then the order will be processed.


  1. Quick item name searching

Many times the customers leave the app in the middle because they are not able to find the items they wish to buy. Having categorized your grocery items as well as optimizing is important. This helps quick item search when prompted with the brand name, name of the products, or even a few letters when feeding in the search bar.

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On-Demand Grocery Delivery Solutions is becoming the new normal.  Customers expect a lot from grocery delivery apps like FoodPanda.


Moreover, if it is a ready-made app, incorporating necessary features is going to be highly beneficial for both – the grocery store owners and users. Therefore building a FoodPanda Grocery Delivery App can bring your business desired boost and visibility like never before.

In case, if you have zero clues, where to start regarding developing FoodPanda clone food and grocery delivery app it is recommended to invest in a professional app development company to experience fruitful results.

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