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6 Habits That Can Destroy Your Life

Our life is made up of a billion little things that play important roles in it. The daily routine consists of a number of habits that affect your mood, self-esteem and sense of fulfillment. Some things, like going on a run or playing at Vave, bring happiness to our lives, while others destroy us. To make every day better, try to minimize some activities – they can ruin your mood.

Constant Complaining

If you’re in the habit of complaining about sunny weather, a noisy neighbor, a loud bird, and fruit that isn’t bright enough, you’re probably trapping yourself in the trap of having everything “wrong” around you. Even if things start to change, you won’t be satisfied with that either. It’s difficult to communicate with such people. What’s more, they with their own hands spoil their mood and, accordingly, the whole day.


Indifference to Their Well-being

Agree, with a headache or discomfort in the stomach is unlikely to be happy about the day. Therefore, don’t ignore the signals of your body. Listen to yourself. Perhaps the headache is due to the fact that you have not taken a break for a long time. So that such symptoms do not appear tomorrow, take care of yourself today.

Lack of Gratitude

Have you tried keeping a gratitude journal for at least a couple days? It’s an amazing technique that allows you to notice the little details that lift your mood. You can thank everything and everyone for even the smallest act. Write out the events for which you can say “thank you”: to the barista for a smile and delicious coffee, to luck for green traffic lights on the way to work, to a colleague for a compliment and help with the table. By writing these things out, you’ll be surprised at how many good things happen every day, and it’s sure to lift your spirits.

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We shouldn’t blame ourselves for all earthly sins and mistakes. We cannot influence everything that happens in our lives. If you continue to regularly reproach yourself, you will ruin not only your day, but your whole life. Learn to notice even small steps of personal success, stop comparing yourself to anyone. Treat yourself more tolerantly and with kindness, and learn from mistakes.

Exaggerated Expectations

Having high expectations of another person is a quick way to become disappointed in them for no objective reason. Don’t build up expectations that someone is obligated to act according to the “perfect plan” in your head. On an unconscious level, you are trying to change the person by fitting them to your standards, but the result is unlikely to live up to your expectations. Disappointed, you will only spoil your mood and resent the world for no reason.

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Too Tight a Schedule

Working a lot is an urgent necessity. But, here’s the trouble, from your overwork your salary is unlikely to become higher, so this is a purely personal issue, which concerns first of all your moral and physical health. It is impossible to keep up with everything – so if you work, study at three institutes at once, and go to the gym at night, it is not surprising that you suffer from headaches and all sorts of disturbing thoughts: there is really something to worry about.


Before it’s too late – change your schedule, make time for yourself. Remember – “time for yourself” doesn’t mean running to the grocery store or taking a walk with your child. Spend the evening with a book in hand, and the work won’t go anywhere.

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Deception and Understatement

Any deception is a bad thing. By trying to hide information or passing off wishful thinking, you may find yourself in your own trap. You risk ruining your reputation, being labeled a liar and a cheat. When your conscience starts to wake up, you will realize that you have ruined your day.

Ignoring Your Needs

Admit it, do your daily actions bring you closer to your cherished dreams? Are you not living to realize other people’s goals? If you’re ignoring your needs, you’re probably letting life get in the way. Try to enjoy every moment and realize that you do it primarily because you love yourself.

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